11 Coldgill Avenue, Great Broughton, Cumbria, CA13 0YW

Located on the far edge of Great Broughton. The property is best accessed using Coldgill Avenue back lane, also called Coldgill Avenue. Coldgill View is the last house on the lane.

Guests can park outside the back door to unload.

The two parking bays are immediately around the corner of the house, one by the side of the house on the left, the other in front of the green garage/shed.

Additional unmarked parking is available immediately at the bottom of Coldgill Avenue back lane on Coldgill Avenue itself.

If using this additional parking, please park as far back from the road as you can as it’s used by farm and utility vehicles which are often quite wide and can be liable to accidentally hit vehicles not set back sufficiently.

Click here for directions to Coldgill View