We started our day with Breakfast at Nichol End Marina Cafe with a great value breakfast, Simon even managed the Big Breakfast. What a great view to look out at while eating.


We then set off around the lake calling in at Lingholm which it is great to see available again to the public.


We carried on around the lake passing the landing stages for the Kewick launch at Hawes End and Low and High Brandlehow , currently partly under water as the lake is so full.


Molly our bedlington terrier was thrilled to be off the lead enjoying the freedom , the smells the wildlife and the lake water. We looked up at the walkers climbing up Catbells who were stopping to look back at the wonderful view.

We carried on around from High Brandlehow around the bottom of the lake crossing the boardwalks now made of recycled tyres , remininicing about the many times we walked over the old wooden planks with our children many years ago. They called this the Rosie and Jim walk as the planks reminded them of their then favourite TV show.

We eventually arrived at the Chinese Bridge and took a moment to enjoy the view of the Jaws of Borrowdale in one direction and the awesome Skiddaw range in the other.

Then we came to the the flooded path which we needed to cross to carry on our walk around the lake. Roger waded in and the water was soon up to his knees !. We really didnt was to turn back so Simon and I ventured in too . Molly too did her best but it was soon too deep for her and so she got a lift.

Once across we met other brave walkers who followed our lead , some taking their shoes and socks off .

We walked or squelched on to the Mary Mount Hotel where a welcome drink awaited and we sat enjoying the view , while Molly did her best to catch a fieldmouse in amoungst the bushes. Still full from our breakfast today we didnt have room for the delicious food on offer.


We enjoyed our rest eventually strolling down to the Lodore landing stage planning to get the launch back to Nichol End.

However due to the lake being so full we had to land at Keswick and walk back to Portinscale.

So we walked on with our wet feet enjoying the wonderful views and spurred on in the knowledge that a lovely meal was waiting at the Pheasant Inn to round off Roger’s Birthday.

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